How It works

Register Wood Wood Items with the Option to Resell

The Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Buyer-Seller Match Service helps match buyers and sellers to extend the use time of well-kept Wood Wood items.

All well-kept Wood Wood items can be registered, no matter when and where they were bought. When purchasing items directly from Wood Wood, customers will get a referral link to register the items for resale purposes.


Product Requirements

Currently, only Wood Wood items in well-kept condition are accepted for resale using the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Service. All product data, including pictures and prices, are pre-filled and readily available to ensure the most convenient and hassle-free resale experience for sellers and buyers.


Order Requests and Acceptance 

Once a buyer wants to purchase a listed item, the seller will receive an order request to accept. When an order request has been accepted, the seller will be provided with a shipping label to ship the item to the buyer within 3 days.



When an item has been purchased, the seller can choose to get a cash payout transferred or, if applicable, get a voucher with a store credit to use on the official Wood Wood webshop.

Recycling Value

If your item is not well-kept and suitable for resale using the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Service, if applicable, you may send it back to us for proper repair or recycling. Considering repurposing the item through other resale platforms is also an option. We support any action that reinforces the product value!
Note! This feature is currently not available in Norway.

See also Care and repair for helpful information.


If you have your eye on a special item, you can add it to your personal Watchlist while making up your mind or be the first to know when it is up for grabs.

You can add items from past and previous collections to your Watchlist by selecting the heart symbol in the top right corner of the product image. Add multiple items at once by clicking the "+Watchlist" button on the "Shop" and "Watch" overview pages.

Add your favorite items to your Watchlist and get an update whenever we have a match for you!