Acceptance Standards

Accepted Items

We want all users of the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Service to get the best possible experiences. This requires for buyers to trust and be confident in the listed items and for sellers to sell efficiently while capturing a beneficial value from their sales.

In order to achieve a high standard of quality for all users, the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Service only accepts items that are in well-kept condition to be listed for resale and sold on the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Shop.

A well-kept item may have been used but shows no defects and is overall well maintained and in excellent secondhand condition.

Only Wood Wood items in well-kept condition are accepted for resale using the Wood Wood MUSEUM Artefact Service. All product data, including pictures and prices, are pre-filled and readily available to ensure the most convenient and hassle-free resale experiences.

Listed items must be 100% authentic Wood Wood items!


Condition Requirements

To be well-kept, an item may be:

  • Brand new with tags
  • Brand new, never worn without tags
  • Gently used and recently laundered or dry cleaned


Items We Do Not Accept

  • Items that are counterfeit, fake or replica
  • Items obtained illegally
  • Items from other brands
  • Items with perfume, cigarette or body odors
  • Items covered in pet hair, inside or outside
  • Items with runs or pulls
  • Items with stains
  • Items with tears
  • Items that are faded
  • Items with missing buttons
  • Items with no brand label
  • Items with no size label
  • Items with no care label
  • Items that have been altered
  • Items that are not registered on our service
  • Items that are stretched out
  • Items that are mended
  • Items that show defects


In Doubt?

If you have a Wood Wood item that you are ready to let go of but need help reviewing its condition and whether it meets our acceptance standards and eligibility criteria, we are here to help!

Send us an email with an image or video of the item you want to sell and describe your concerns. Please send as many details about the item as possible (e.g. the product name/ID, size, color, how many times it has been used/washed etc.). If needed, we will follow up with further questions, so you can feel safe listing it for resale.

Reach out whenever you are in doubt! We will provide the answers you need!

Check the FAQ for more helpful insights here.